MyPlasm CNC System
Original MyPlasm CNC Controlled
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MyPlasm CNC System

A very simple control system for CNC Plasma Cutting Machines designed for non-professional users who are not familiar with g-codes, no knowledge of advanced control programs, CAM type programs, etc. is required.

The main idea of the program is the simplicity of operation and the minimum level of knowledge of the operator, who with a few clicks can cut a part directly from the drawing or draw simple shapes directly in the MyMini CAD module included for free.

Simply CNC Controller

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The system cannot be compared with competing professional control systems, which offer much greater capabilities but at the same time are much more complicated.

This product is just very simple for simple projects, if you require professional or unusual solutions this is not the product for you.

Original MyPlasm CNC Controlled


  • Power supply voltage : 24V DC / 600mA
  • Number of axes supported : 4
  • Drive control signals : Step (Pulse) / Dir ( Direction)
  • Max frequency of STEP signal : 150kHz
  • Type of end sensors supported : NPN
  • Integrated THC height controller
  • Built-in voltage divider
Original MyPlasm CNC Controlled
  • Arc voltage measuring range : 0-300V
  • Touch screen system ( OHMIC )
  • Floating head support
  • Collision sensor support
  • Types of accepted files : - AutoCad (.dxf )- PLT ( .hpgl; .plt )- G-Codes (.tap; .txt), 2d path only- MyMiniCad (.2d)
  • MyMiniCAM integrated module
  • MyMiniCAD integrated module


MyPlasm CNC plasma system is very easy to install and use. You do not need a specialist to be able to use it in CNC plasma cutters. Integrated everything in one system.

THC Height Controller and OHMIC detection, Motherboard - CNC controller, Control program, CAM program, CAD program that allows you to draw simple elements directly in the program, allows you to save money and, above all, valuable time.

MyPlasm CNC System USER MANUAL MyMiniCAD USER MANUAL Diagram ( Example only ) Installation manual 1.2.0


Download dedicated software for MyPlasm CNC. Straight from the manufacturer, safe and tested.

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